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Our customers’ satisfaction is a source of great pride for us. Our team works tirelessly to deliver outstanding results in every project and assignment we receive. Take a look at our case studies to see the progress of our work with clients and the unique solutions we developed to meet their specific needs. Each case study showcases our ability to build strong and effective partnerships, and serves as an example of how we can collaborate with you as our new customer.

Secure Development & Architecture Review Read more

Secure Development & Architecture Review

Launching a new application is a thrilling process, but ensuring regulatory compliance can be overwhelming. Our recent case study focused on providing our client with a comprehensive cybersecurity audit covering the full scope of architecture review, threat modeling, secure development processes, pentesting, infrastructure, and vendor assessment security audits. Our consultants used a combination of manual and automated methods to provide a thorough analysis of the system architecture, allowing us to offer effective management of time and financial expenditures devoted to the audit. By working closely with the client and utilizing video conferences and detailed information gathering meetings, we were able to deliver a highly efficient and accurate audit that met all regulatory requirements.

RailSoft Engineering Read more

RailSoft Engineering

Our project with a client required custom report development in the Railsoft system to provide field engineers and management with a common overview of railways data. We also served as technical PoC for implementation issues and provided oversight on WebService communication and implementation. We analyzed the system and created optimized reports based on big data chunks. Our team also actively reviewed and proposed solutions for integrating enova360 with RailSoft to streamline data management.

DevOps & Cybersecurity Read more

DevOps & Cybersecurity

Set up a brand new team to configure CI/CD processes, runtime environments, and support developers with bug fixes. We implemented a Static Application Security Testing solution to ensure applications met security standards and conducted regular scans on container images. We also configured performance testing and internal security tests using automated scanners. Using GitLab CI, Kubernetes, and Advanced Cluster Security.

Microservices Development and Maintenance Read more

Microservices Development and Maintenance

Urban Platform empowers wellness practitioners by providing a marketplace to meet local customers and business software to manage their work. Our highly-skilled team provides stable and reliable team extension, building microservices applications based on Google Cloud Platform, TypeScript backend application, native mobile, and JS frontend extended by on-call support.

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