About Us

4code is a multidisciplinary creative team. We work together to design, create and produce software that we are proud of for folks that we believe in. We are available for hire in a wide range of creative disciplines for a variety of jobs, projects and gigs.



About us

4CODE is an Innovation Technology & Consulting company focused on secure software and product development. We work with technology that makes a difference and has a tangible impact on everyone’s life, proudly being part of business and digital transformations.

Experience the world of secure development

4code makes secure coding a positive and engaging experience for developers as they increase their skills. We guide each coder along their own preferred learning pathway, so that security-skilled developers become the everyday heroes of our connected world. Business impact is driven through agile teams awareness, S-SDLC process optimization and maturity model roadmap and metrics introduction.

Get to know our team


In the office

Grzegorz is a ‘jack of all trades’ here but beloved the most building software teams and in-depth project management.

Outside office

Proud dad and husband, with the personal passion of woodworking, guitar noodling, being an audio enthusiast and baseball player.

Did you know

For a few years he lived in Kuwait, he could not eat arabics delicacies enough – he
thinks that it is a pity that we do not have this yet in the beautiful city of Wroclaw.


In the office

Zuza is an IT Recruitment Specialist. Hearing stories and different perspectives from people who come from various backgrounds is what draws her to recruitment.

Outside office

After work you can find her somewhere in the mountains – either climbing or backpacking. She also loves horseriding, dancing, reading books and volunteering at animal’s shelter.

Did you know

In 2020, when she was backpacking with her friends in Alps, she got seriously lost. Not in the glacier or Mont Black trail but in the shower at the campsite.


In the office

Łukasz is a software engineer at heart and by trade. He is taking care of stuff mostly on the backend side of things.

Outside office

Originally I come from Poland, but currently I’m enjoying the sunburns living in beautiful Malta. I was always a nerd, I studied physics and I love to  solve problems using technology.

Did you know

I may not look like a bunny, but once there was a photo printed in Playboy magazine with me in it. I am also a film buff and used to be an amateur filmmaker, but now I am just a casual gamer.


In the office

Bartek does „stuff”, whatever the platform and technology for Bart it’s a challenge instead of a problem. If you can automate something boring and tedious to never have to do it again, go for it… but also do it secure!

Outside office

Outside of work Bart does Historical European Fencing with all manner of weapon types. When he’s not sparring its time to tend to homelab, what some people treat as work can be relaxing to others.

Did you know

Tomato is a fruit… no, j.k. There is no such thing as hand-and-a-half sword, lots of medieval style fencers will get mad for that.


In the office

Ania works as an IT Recruitment Specialist. Being a recruiter means to her having the opportunity to meet amazing people and makes an impact on their development and working life.

Outside office

I am a fulfilled wife and mother of two daughters who have inherited their love of dance from me hopefully. Music, dancing and singing are my cure for everything.

Did you know

In the city of Amarillo, in Texas, through which the famous Route 66 runs, there is Big Texan Ranch Steak, where they serve a 2kg steak. If you manage to eat it in an hour you don’t have to pay for it.

It may be you!

What makes us stand out?

We succeed through a human approach that uncovers the secure developer inside of every coder – helping development teams ship quality code faster, so they can focus on creating amazing, safe Learn more about secure development software for our world.

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