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Get to know our products in which we specialize, by constantly developing our skills and improving our know-how, for a successful implementation with our Customers.


Secure custom development

Bespoke approach to develop secure solutions, we use adaptable and compatible building blocks for secure development to reduce risks and automate security repetitive, routine tasks across the SDLC.

We take off from basic security properties to assess the security of a system like Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability extending it to isolation, least privilege, security automation, threat modeling and vulnerability management. Adding up a dive into the discussion on differences between bugs and vulnerabilities and securing SDLC so that the cybersecurity realm becomes a DevSecOps domain and emerging securing champions with direct Definition of Done adherence.

Cybersecurity consulting

We provide Cybersecurity advisory in the areas of compliance, technical and organizational. Maintaining expertise in each of these simultaneously. That’s why the diversity, openness and ability to integrate the individual competencies of 4Code’s cybersecurity team into joint initiatives and expectations management set us apart from the competitors. Thanks to our extensive experience in the global and Polish markets, we are familiar with a wide range of business contexts and goals of each stakeholder. This allows us to understand your needs holistically and provide solutions that deliver tangible benefits.

Secure cloud solution

We work with you to make your cloud deployment fast, well-designed, and cost-effective for infrastructure design, cloud architecture, and application migration.
We help you manage and secure your data and cloud services, build dynamic hybrid cloud with secure and open source technologies, accelerate and improve security services with solutions. Solutions that support secure workload management and deployment across all cloud models. Achieve efficiency with products that integrate applications quickly, and DevOps capabilities to optimize lifecycles, software delivery, flexible use, connectivity, and orchestration of all types of cloud and IT solutions to accelerate innovation and solve real-world problems.

Managed teams

Teamwork is the source of a dream job! For professional companies looking to build a world-class digital product, having an experienced agile team that understands the importance of the software development lifecycle can be the difference between success and failure.

Building managed teams by 4code, you get a complete solution dedicated to deliver the utmost business value using the agile frameworks that always deliver on time and on budget.

Managed services

The success of your business often depends on how quickly you can respond to customer requests and resolve any issues that arise. Managed services are the best option if you want to outsource entire project management and implementation.

In this case, we can take over responsibility for the project and ensure that it is performed to service level agreements (SLAs) using standards and best practices. Managed services ensure the highest quality products without your having to do anything.

Let us become your MSP (Managed Services Provider) and take responsibility for implementation, planning, quality control and maintenance so you can get the people who matter most to your organization to be involved in the activities that matter most.

Build Operate Transfer

BuildOperateTransfer (BOT) is a model in which a software company builds, optimizes, and manages a fully operational software development center until it reaches satisfactory maturity. After that, the complete transfer of ownership to the customer is done.

The BOT model is a simple and effective way to outsource software. It allows all customers to build and manage an outsourced unit on demand, which can be fully transferred later to reduce your risk. Therefore, the agreement for the software operating model works for both large organizations and small counterparties.

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